Development First Mentality.

Many say it, few live it.

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We Have Three Rules:

1. This Has To Be Fun

Youth baseball has got to be fun. This is not their job. They are not professionals. Years from now, they will likely not remember the score from a single game. What we hope they remember, is the feeling they had on Saturday and Sunday morning when they got to wake up, and go play baseball with their friends. We want them to become leaders, great teammates, make memories, and have fun. 

2. Attitude & Effort

We teach our players about controlling what they can control. They can't control how good the other team is. They can't control the plays the other team makes. What they can control, is their own attitude and effort. We want them to focus on those two things. Regardless of the outcome of the game, or even play, they need to control what they can control. There is so much power in that.

3. No Excuses

Accountability. It's human nature to make excuses. On our fields, that is not allowed. Mistakes will happen. Baseball is a game of failure. Whomever fails less, wins. What we try and teach our players, is that failure is not the problem, not owning the failure is. If we own our mistakes, we have the power to move on and fix them. This will play out on and off the field, which is why it's a core focus with us.

We Want To Win. Just Not At All Costs.

We think winning sometimes gets demonized. Wanting to win is a good thing. We want to win. We just want our players to develop more. We will never sacrifice the development of a player in order to win a youth baseball game. We believe that hardwork beats talent that doesn't work hard. So, rather than focusing on winning, we focus on attitude and effort. We focus on the little things. We believe by doing so, the wins will come. And they have. We have some dominant teams. But that has never been our focus. We don't cut the bottom half of our rosters each season. We don't restrict guest playing and having fun. We don't scream and run our teams with fear tactics. We teach baseball. We teach teamwork. We teach the Hit Squad way.

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